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Why Does Your Business Need A Professional Website

Why Does Your Business Need A Professional Website

Many companies and business all over the world have migrated their services and marketing to online platforms. The reason for this is the fact that internet market is growing daily thus providing an easy and accessible market for all kinds of industries. You can easily beat your competitors by going online. The best way to go online is to have a website and indeed a good website with an easy and customer friendly web design. Any business that does not have a website is missing out on one of the most powerful tools of marketing that is available to them. These six reasons will open up your mind and show you why your company needs a professional website, no matter what size it is.

  1. You are missing out on potential customers. The main reason every business should go online is to offer a platform of how potential customers can find you. Nowadays, most people are likely to go online to research a company’s products or the company’s history before making a purchase. If you don’t have a business website, you are missing out on all this potential business. Even if people don’t buy the product online, they are still likely to research it online. You can also provide services such as customer care that are growing in popularity nowadays. A website also offers a platform where you can sell your products and services to the online community.
  2. Your business gain credibility. Today, more and more clients are going online to search for the products or services they need. You company or a business, no matter its size, will gain credibility by having a good website with an easy to use web design. Without it, potential customers will go to your competitors who have one. If you have a website, that is outdated or just too home made’ you need to redesign it for it to get that professional outlook. This will provide your company with a professional image that will inspire greater confidence.
  3. Gathering feedback from the current and past customers. Feedback about your products or services is very important. It helps a business to know whether the customers are happy and satisfied with the products they offer and the customer support that the business provide. The days of phoning customers for a feedback survey are far much gone. People don’t like these calls anymore and very few or none will be prepared to answer the questions. Even if they do, they do so briefly so that the get off the phone and get on with their daily activities. A professional website will help you achieve all this. You can send out a URL to your customers and have them fill the feedback survey online at their own convenience time. This will give you a clear direction on where to improve and what to add, depending on the feedback that you get.
  4. A website saves you some dollars. As a small business owner, you may probably think that you can afford a professional website, but the fact is you can’t afford not to. Although the cost of web designing varies, there are cheaper yet effective websites one can build and get your business online. Compared with the cost of paying for a newspaper ad, when you consider the potential clients you can reach through a website, it is very effective in terms of cost, to promote your business via your website.
  5. It Will Enable You To Keep Your Potential Customers Informed. Think of a website as being your online catalogue or brochure. It is much easier to update information about your products and services on your website than it is in the print material. This makes it an effective way of informing your customers about new products arrival, special promotions, upcoming events such as trade shows, or any new service you now offer. Unlike print ads that lose its relevance in a short span and become outdated, your website can provide news and information.
  6. Accessibility. A website is accessible and online 24 hours a day, every day of the year.This is the reason your potential customers can visit you site for information and support about new and upcoming products whenever it is convenient for them. You website will always act as an invaluable resource for information that would have otherwise been accessible only during your companies business hours.

What does your web design and outlook say about your business?

As mentioned above, you need to have a website and a professional website for this case for you to enjoy the above benefits. Contrary to this you may end up damaging you reputation if you have a website that is ugly or that is outdated.

  • First Impression: A well-arranged and attractive website helps to create a good first impression. Many potential clients will get their first taste of who you are and what you do from your website. If they find your web design is badly designed and unattractive, they are likely to think that you are mediocre or you don’t spend much time to invest in your business and many other negative thoughts which will put them off. However, the moment you have a well-designed website, potential customers will start flowing as you created a good first impression in your site.
  • Vision: A website that is confusing and complicated to access information will kill the morale of the customers who may have liked to buy your product or service. This will create the impression that you lack a vision for your business, or you don’t care about your customers need. They will end up going to your competitors where they can get product information that they need.
  • Professionalism: Your website speaks volume about your professionalism. Since your website is the first thing your potential customer will see, it must have a professional outlook. Failure to which, you will lose customers. Sloppy and poorly designed website sends one message; we don’t care about our brand and neither should you. You don’t need a website just to keep up with trends and time. You need it as the face of your company.

Before concluding this article, let’s go through essential tips to a great website or web page briefly.

There aren’t magic pills to creating a great website that everyone will visit now and then. However, there are several things you should put into consideration. They include:

  • Purpose: A good web design always caters for the need of its users. Know the purpose of your website in order to match the design to the purpose. Your business website may cater for needs such as information availability to customers or selling your products online.
  • Colors: A well-thought-out color palette can enhance user experience. Complementary colors create harmony and balance. Use contrasting colors for the background and text to make reading easier.
  • Images: It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words. Therefore, choosing the right images for four website, can improve your brand positioning and connection with target customers. Consider purchasing stock photos and high-quality image designs to lift the look of your website.
  • Load time: Everybody hates a slow website that takes ages to load. Tips to make pages load faster include JavaScript file, optimizing the image size and minify HTML.
  • Mobile friendly: Mobile use has now overtaken the use of desktop in product research. Therefore, it is important to consider whether your website is mobile-friendly. You can rebuild your website or develop a site that has a responsive layout, or you can have a dedicated mobile site.


In today’s e-commerce, your website is your business face to the world especially to your potential customers. It reflects your business credibility. Your website is your sales person. Treat it as such. Your website creates the first impression to your potential customers. It doesn’t matter how high tech or how functional it is. All that matters most is whether it has a good professional outlook and whether will access what they need in a short period. Your website is the face of your business or company, so make it a good one.

About the Author
Tristan Loggins
Founder & CEO at Exclusivity LLC