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5 Tools Everyone In The Small Business Industry Should Be Using

5 Tools Everyone In The Small Business Industry Should Be Using

Getting the best small business tools is not rocket science, and we are going to give you information on some of the best small business tools out there.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords, one of the most famous small business tools, is one of the most effective advertising tools any small business can use today. This is a cost-effective yet powerful tool that will allow any business to get results in the online arena. Google Adwords has the power of getting sales and leads quickly, and we mean in a matter of hours. However, a small business needs to hire a Google Adwords Certified professional to handle an Adwords account.

A Google Adwords Certified professional will make sure the small business gets targeted traffic for the products or services it sells on the market. They tend to charge a small upfront fee and then a percentage of the money spent on ads in the Adwords platform. A Google Adwords Certified professional will starts by assessing the products or services you sell, setting up the ad campaign, picking up the right keywords, testing different ads, and many other things.

We cannot stress enough the importance of a Google Adwords Certified professional to take your business to a whole new level of success. A smal business will get great results when using the power of Google Adwords and a Google Adwords Certified professional, as this is the path to online profits.


ZipRecruiter allows you to find better talent by means of resume screening, cross-job-board posting, a score chart based on a points system so that you can pick up the top candidates. ZipRecruiter will bump up your productivity level right away. In addition to these perks, ZipRecruiter’s customer service can walk you through the software so that you can get the best results.

ZipRecruiter’s customer service is also very helpful, polite and knowledgeable. They will explain the procedures to you and you will not be dissapointed at all. If your small business gets tons of applicaticants every day, you need ZipRecruiter. You will solve problems quickly and trasferring accounts will be done in a breeze.

Your small business will recieve more inquires over time, as you will be able to post more a more accurate locations and improve your title’s wording right away. ZipRecruiter’s customer service representatives will go above and beyond just to make sure you are totally satisfied with their high level of service at all times.

ZipRecruiter is the sourcing tool that will allow you to reach and identify new candidates in an effective way. You will receive your first resume just within hours of your first posting, which is pretty amazing.


SEMRush is one of the best competitive research tools out there. It allows you to get comprehensive, professinal data to create highly effective online marketing and advertising campaings right away. SEMRush’s customoers use the data to create powerful advertising, content, and SEO campaigns. You will be able to see your competitors’ highest performing keywords, ads, spends and much more.

It also reveals many lead generation prospects along with an extensive research on international markets so that you can develop your global strategy based on data from 26 countries. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, it is. You will be able to find errors in your site by using its SEO Audit feature. In addition to these perks, you will see the sites your competitors have placed valuable links in.

You will also see projected organic traffic and keyword ranks, which will allow you to see whether a competitor is an “emotional competitor” or a “real competitor” in the online arena. Companies need SEMRush as a tool to understand the landscape they are competing in. You will also get a really valuable insight into the keywords your competitors and you are ranking for.


Shopify, one of the hottest small business tools today, allows you to set up an store really easy. If your small business sells goods, you have to check out Shopify as soon as possible. The whole process can be done is just 10 minutes, and you can create your very own template if you have HTML skills, though the ones included in Shopify are pretty good.

Shopify’s users can create both dynamic and static pages. Static pages allow you to include items manually, while the dynamic pages will populate items automatically, according to certain criteria. You will have to pay a small percentage of your sales income when setting up a store with Shopify. But Shopify will not charge you either a setup fee or hosting fee, so if you do not sell a red cent, you pay nothing.

Shopify lacks marketing tools and coupon features, and you will not be able to sell downloadable items or customized products. But Shopify plans to offer these features in the future via its API. Shopify also features a simple, clean, and easy-to-use interface. Shopify might allow you to export its catalog to many online venues such as MySpace and Froogle.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services allows you to run your business from the cloud. Amazon Web Services offers you a wide range of services from desktop virtualization to document sharing. Amazon Web Services’s desktop virtualization features will allow you to get access to a virtual PC from any device. The cloud-based desktop will give you access to applications, documents, and resources quickly and easily.

Kindle Fires, iPads, Android tablets, and many others devices can be used to get access to a virtual desktop. Business owners will reduce their IT costs dramatically by using Amazon Web Services. Since a business owner will avoid any up-front investment in IT, this situation will make the small business save good money over time.

Amazon Web Services also features security capabilities that will meet your most stringent security requirements. Amazon Web Services is one of the most secure and flexible cloud computing environments today. Amazon Web Services’s customers will be able to deploy data and applications securely and easily thanks to its highly reliable, scalable platform.

Amazon Web Services allows small businesses to avoid a lot of infraestructure headaches, and many security issues over time will be removed as well. Amazon Web Services’s data centers have trained, 24/7 securty guards with restricted access. Remember that this small business tool is here to stay.

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