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5 Reasons Your Site Must be Secure In 2017

5 Reasons Your Site Must be Secure In 2017

The titans of the web industry have spoken and their message is loud and clear: EVERY website needs basic encryption! HTTPS is the web’s new minimum standard. While there was a time when an SSL Certificate was only thought to be necessary for E-commerce websites and other sites that collected user information—that time is over.

As of today, the 100% global encryption movement has begun and it will only continue to intensify. If your online presence is important to the success of your business, then you can only do yourself a disservice by ignoring this rapidly emerging trend. 100% encryption is happening, don’t let your hard-earned customers slip to a competitor by not following through on something as simple as obtaining an SSL Certificate!

  1. Google Gives an SEO Ranking Boost to Sites with Encryption: Back in 2014, Google announced it was going to begin factoring SSL into its ranking algorithm. Since late 2016, websites using SSL/TLS have seen as much as a 5% increase in visibility versus their unencrypted counterparts. The importance of SSL/TLS on search engine ranking is only expected to increase as Search Engines push for an HTTPS Everywhere environment.
  2. Browsers are Warning Users When Accessing Sites w/o Encryption: Perhaps you have already run into these warnings… But if you haven’t yet, it’s only a matter of time. Browsers like Chrome have slowly been increasing the visibility of non-SSL warnings, and in the very near future – browsers will begin actively warning users when they access a site that does not have an SSL/TLS certificate installed on it. Mozilla & Google announced plans in 2015 to phase out non-secure HTTP. No matter what kind of site you’re running, the chances are high that you would not want potential visitors to be greeted with a warning that their site is unencrypted. Starting in 2017, Chrome will show a prominent “Not Secure” warning on any page that requires a password login or is asking for a credit card.
  3. Browsers Only Supporting HTTP/2 with Encrypted Sites: HTTP/2 (aka HTTP 2.0) is the first major revision to the outdated HTTP network protocol since the late 90’s. HTTP/2 has been ratified by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) and is now used by 18% of global traffic—a number that’s rapidly climbing. HTTP/2 will make the internet FASTER & SAFER for only those who support HTTPS connections. All the major browsers support HTTP/2 and require that you use SSL to access it. That’s because security is now a top concern on the internet.Be ready for HTTP/2 when your web hosts make the switch by getting an SSL certificate and moving your site to HTTPS now. No exceptions! Future-proof yourself now.
  4. Gmail Now Warning Users When an Email is NOT Delivered Securely: As recently as a few months ago, Gmail added a new icon that displays if an email is NOT delivered from an SSL/TLS secured server. This goes beyond encrypting all domains and means that getting SSL for your mail server(s) is also extremely important. We’re certain that other email providers will soon be following suit.
  5. Popular Mobile Features Only Available Over HTTPS: Powerful & very popular mobile features in Chrome are now only available over encrypted connections. These important mobile features can only be used if you have an SSL certificate installed: Geolocation (Since Chrome 50 Update), Device Motion Orientation, Fullscreen Access to Microphone & Camera (getUserMedia), Encrypted Media Extension (DRM) and Brotli Compression. 

Purchase an SSL Certificate Now to Encrypt Your Website
Besides keeping up with the web’s new minimum standards, SSL certificates provide many additional benefits that will aide in the success of your website:

  • Boost customer confidence & trust (maximize this with an EV SSL certificate)
  • Faster page load speeds with the latest web technologies
  • Protect information with encrypted data transmissions
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment
  • Look professional
  • Invest in premium SSL to achieve maximum Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Boost SEO rankings on Google
  • Align yourself with the most visited sites on the web
  • Authenticate your business and show that you are who you say you are (OV & EV)
  • Display Website Security or Trust Seals on your site to showcase your security
  • Get peace-of-mind with substantial warranties in case of product failure
  • Increase website conversions
  • Activate HTTPS & Padlock in the address bar within the browser
  • Showcase your trusted third-party verified business in the address bar

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